Nobel Prize-winning discoveries were our beginning.

Nobel Prize-winning discoveries about an enzyme called telomerase and its impact on driving uncontrolled proliferation of malignant cells were our beginning.

The belief in the potential of targeting and inhibiting telomerase to kill malignant cancer cells started our journey.

The advancement of that idea into treatments that extend and enhance patients’ lives by altering the underlying drivers of disease is our mission.

Our belief in this science moves us to try things others have not. Our collaborative spirit and courage allow us to see things in ways others do not. Our determination to bring patients a transformative treatment led us to forge new pathways.

Imetelstat, an investigational drug developed in-house, has the potential to advance how blood cancers are treated by affecting the underlying drivers of disease.

Our culture

At Geron, our resilient and collaborative culture has been foundational to our advancement of telomerase inhibition as a potential treatment to change the course of blood cancers.

Our history

For more than 30 years, we’ve researched, experimented, adapted and even defied conventions in pursuit of new possibilities for patients.

Our leadership team

We are uniquely positioned to develop and potentially commercialize our first-in-class investigational telomerase inhibitor, with significant clinical development, regulatory and commercial experience in hematologic malignancies and the manufacturing of oligonucleotides.