Research & Development

What if you could kill cancer cells by targeting the enzyme that drives their uncontrolled growth?

That was the big idea behind telomerase inhibition—a novel approach that we believe can advance how blood cancers are treated and change the course of these diseases.

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Our pipeline

We are exploring the broad potential of imetelstat and telomerase inhibition across multiple hematologic malignancies.

Our Pipeline

*TELOMERE is expected to begin after an appropriate dose for single agent imetelstat in AML has been identified in the IMpress study.

We are currently conducting two imetelstat Phase 3 clinical trials with registrational intent:

Imetelstat: a first-in-class telomerase inhibitor

Imetelstat harnesses Nobel Prize-winning science to suppress the uncontrolled proliferation of malignant stem cells, which we believe are the source of disease in blood cancers.


Non-clinical and clinical studies through Phase 2 have generated strong evidence of the potential disease-modifying activity and clinical benefit of imetelstat. There are more than 70 publications and presentations describing telomerase inhibition and imetelstat’s mechanism of action, efficacy, safety and potential.

Read more about our Phase 2 results:


We plan to partner with patients, care partners, physicians and payers to provide safe, effective and innovative medications to fight blood cancers, with the potential to significantly enhance both length and quality of life over the long term.

Corporate development

As a late-stage biopharmaceutical company with deep experience in discovery and development, paired with growing commercial capabilities, Geron is preparing to bring imetelstat to market as the first commercially available telomerase inhibitor.

We remain interested in value-accreting strategic partnerships that have the potential to bring complementary capabilities and programs intended to realize the full potential of imetelstat to address unmet medical needs on a global basis.

To contact our Corporate Development team, please send us an email.

Scientific collaborators

Starting with our foundational research in telomere biology, Geron has embraced partnerships that can advance the scientific understanding of this field, at both a non-clinical and clinical level. As part of our pipeline expansion, we are exploring imetelstat’s potential in additional indications and in combination with current standard of care therapies through early-stage trials. We also have a discovery research program to identify a next generation telomerase inhibitor.

We invite you to discuss possible collaborations with us that could advance the further development of novel telomerase-based therapies or other possible, innovative approaches to the treatment of hematologic malignancies. For all inquiries, please email us.