Our Culture

Our corporate culture reflects a history of innovation, collaboration and perseverance. Geron’s vision is to become a leader in the treatment of hematologic malignancies. We are committed to improving and extending the lives of patients by changing the course of these diseases.

Our vision can only be accomplished through the talent we bring into and retain in the company, and the culture and values we embody as a team. We recognize and value the unique strengths of our team members, and the impact and contributions of each employee.

Geron’s corporate values are the essential tenets that guide our decisions, govern our relationships, both internally and externally, and articulate what we stand for and who we are. These values dictate the ways in which we interact, work and communicate, how we resolve conflicts and ultimately how we strive to make Geron successful.


Having well-intentioned interactions that are genuine and real.


Taking responsibility for our actions, including decisions, and the effect they have on the company.


Having relentlessly high standards.


Behaving ethically in all situations and demanding the same from others.


Valuing our co-workers’ and partners’ feelings, needs, ideals, time and preferences.