Community Guidelines

Given that social media is a public forum and the highly regulated nature of our industry, here are a few things you should know when visiting, commenting, or posting on one of our social channels:


We may link to another location, social account, or third-party content from one of our channels. Linking to or following a non-Geron website or social media account is not an endorsement of those properties or parent organizations. The only content we endorse is our own.

We are interested in hearing your thoughts on our content, but sometimes we may have to pull a comment or cannot respond. Here are reasons why a comment may be pulled or cannot be responded to:

Product References

If your post references a pharmaceutical brand from Geron or any other company, positive or negative, we must be mindful of industry regulations and will need to pull it since we cannot guarantee that it will represent Fair Balance, among other reasons.

Medical Advice and Treatments

Comments containing medical advice or treatment options of any type may have serious implications and are not allowed. Your physician or healthcare provider remains your best source of information about medicines and treatments authorized in your country of residence.

Confidential and Proprietary Information

Any post containing proprietary, confidential, sensitive, or non-public information about, or related to, Geron or any other person or company will be pulled.


Any use of vulgar or profane language will result in a post being pulled if it is not automatically screened out by the social channel’s profanity filters before posting. Additionally, comments will be screened for offensive terms that target ethnic, racial, religious, age, gender, or sexual orientation.

Personal Attacks

Any content involving defamatory, libelous, or demeaning language or personal attacks of any kind will result in the post being pulled.

Off-topic Comments

We will remove any comments that are repetitive and/or disruptive, appear to be spam, are clearly off topic, make unsupported accusations, or promote services or products. Geron is not looking to censor anyone. If you feel we have been unfair in removing your comment, please contact us.

Other situations

While these Community Guidelines cover common situations, they cannot anticipate everything. Consequently, Geron reserves the right to take any actions it deems appropriate to ensure a particular site is not disrupted or abused in any way.

Please note that we may block or unfollow a user at any time should we feel their comments or actions violate our community guidelines.

In addition to the privacy policy and terms of use of the third-party social media platform, your use of our social properties is governed by Geron’s Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.