R & D Pipeline

The following table summarizes key information about our programs.

Geron Pipeline chartGeron pipeline chart

Clinical Studies

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Preclinical Studies and Discovery Research Program

Preclinical Lymphoid Hematologic Malignancy Program

Pre-clinical data suggests that multiple lymphoid malignancies have higher telomerase activity and shorter telomeres when compared to normal healthy cells. Thus, we believe a telomerase inhibition approach may find utility in this disease setting.

Based on this scientific hypothesis, we have initiated a preclinical research project to determine the potential application of imetelstat in lymphoid hematologic malignancies. We expect preliminary results from this research in 2022.

Next Generation Telomerase Inhibitor Discovery Program

We have initiated a discovery program to identify a lead compound as a potential next generation telomerase inhibitor. If such a compound is identified, we plan to conduct preclinical experiments which may serve as a basis for potential future clinical testing. If we select a lead compound from this discovery program, we expect to provide an update on our efforts at that time.